The Ten Antithesis

The Ten Antithesis

Pastor Jeff Black
Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church
Sermon Titled: Reject God and You Will Have Socialism
or as I would re-title it: War of the World-Views

To define Socialism simply consider the antithesis to each of the Ten Commandments.

The First antithesis – The State is not under the jurisdiction of God and must not reference the Word of God in any of its policies, decisions or programs.

The Second antithesis – The State shall manufacture images of itself and demand their prominent display in public. No symbol of any alternative authority will be permitted on public property.

The Third antithesis – Oaths ought not to reference the True God of the Bible and when taken are to be understood as meaningless tradition.

The Fourth antithesis – Since God doesn’t exist there is no day in which He has a special propriety. Therefore business shall operate without hindrance on Sunday.

The Fifth antithesis – Since God doesn’t exist He doesn’t define family so the State may define it as it serves the State’s goal. The Rights of the Child must be pressed into law so that the authority of mothers and fathers will be undermined.

The Sixth antithesis – Thou shalt murder millions of human babies for the goal of a sustainable culture. Those who murder born humans shall not be executed but understood and sympathized with because of their unhappy environment, which conditioned them to such behavior.

The Seventh antithesis – Since God doesn’t exist He doesn’t define marriage so the State may define it as it serves the State’s goal. Since there is not any ultimate morality we must recognize that sexual activity and expression has neither bounds nor limits, except as may serve the goal of the State.

The Eighth antithesis – Private property must be abolished in the interests of the State. No citizen-subject shall be permitted to develop his independence from the State. Everyone must be moved onto the Government Plantation.

The Ninth antithesis – There is not any absolute standard of truth. Truth must be in the service of the State, therefore anything may be communicated if it serves the goal of the State.

The Tenth antithesis – Thou shah covet your neighbor’s estate and confiscate it for redistribution as seems good in the eyes of the State



  1. Scarlett Clay · November 27, 2010

    Thanks for posting this. Do you have a facebook sharing button anywhere on your site?

  2. jm · November 27, 2010

    Sorry, I do not. I’m not sure how to add it and I don’t have facebook.

  3. Jonathan E. Brickman · December 13, 2010

    Indeed, much socialist ethic strives against God. But so does the ethic behind all of the republican and equalitarianist movements in the world. Try this:


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