Don Fortner’s Funeral Service

Pastor Don Fortner has had a huge impact on me over the years and although I'll miss downloading and listening to his current sermons he has gone to better place. He has fallen asleep in the Lord after running a faithful race. The funeral service can be watched or listened to here: A video … Continue reading Don Fortner’s Funeral Service


Here are eleven things expressly taught in the Word of God about election: 1. Election is “IN CHRIST.” No less than fourteen times in the first fourteen verses of Ephesians chapter one the Holy Spirit expressly tells us that every benefit and blessing of grace that comes to sinners from God is in Christ. 2. … Continue reading Election

Is “Calvinism” Biblical? (pt 6)

WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES ABOUT CHRIST OUR COVENANT HEAD: To begin I'll offer two help definitions for "covenant" and "surety." According to Webster's 1828 Dictionary, a covenant is a "mutual consent or agreement of two or more persons, to do or to forbear some act or thing; a contract; stipulation." Continuing, we read, "In theology, … Continue reading Is “Calvinism” Biblical? (pt 6)