For we live by faith…

Going through my bookshelves and re-reading some old favourites. During lunch today I’m diving into the Beveridge translation of Calvin’s Institutes (book 4). "Wherefore as during our whole lives we carry about with us the remains of sin, we could not continue in the church one single moment were we not sustained by the uninterrupted … Continue reading For we live by faith…

Antichrist – WELS "We reject the idea that the teaching that the Papacy is the Antichrist rests on a merely human interpretation of history or is an open question. We hold rather that this teaching rests on the revelation of God in Scripture which finds its fulfillment in history. The Holy Spirit reveals this fulfillment to the … Continue reading Antichrist – WELS

Frank’s ‘Confusion And Error’

“They cause wonderment and error regarding the Church’s teaching among people of good will, who sincerely wish to know what the Catholic Church teaches,” Burke further described the papal comments. “They impose upon pastors of souls the duty of conscience to make fitting and necessary clarifications. The context and the occasion of such declarations make … Continue reading Frank’s ‘Confusion And Error’

The Great Litany

Just try it, trust me...this is the Great Litany according to the Book of Common Prayer 2019. It's Protestant! Yes, it really is, and perfect for Lenten devotions. The portions in bold italics are responses but I normally pray the entire section including the Supplication on my own. Just a suggestion when praying this Litany, … Continue reading The Great Litany

Sermons from orthodox #Anglicans

Online Sermons and Podcasts from ANiC Churches Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd, Richmond, BC (Chinese) Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd, Vancouver, BC Blackburn Hamlet Community Church, Blackburn Hamlet, ON Celebration Church, Barrie, ON - weekly radio show Church of the Good Shepherd, St. Catharines, ON Church of the Messiah, Ottawa, ON … Continue reading Sermons from orthodox #Anglicans

The Life of God in the Soul of Man

Some quotes to entice you. Correct orthodox or religious opinion is not true religion:  "...I must regret that among so many pretenders to it, so few understand what it means ;  some placing it in the Understanding, in Orthodox Notions and Opinions, and all the account they can give of their Religion, is that they are … Continue reading The Life of God in the Soul of Man