Intro to The Book of Revelation

By George E. Ladd I. Authorship. The author of the book designated himself simply as "John" (1:1; 1:4; 21:2; 22:8). He was well known by the churches of Asia, calling himself their brother, who shared with them the tribulation and the kingdom and the patient endurance (1:9). The question arises: Who was this John? It … Continue reading Intro to The Book of Revelation

The Historic Hope of the Church

By George E. Ladd The question of the relationship of the Rapture to that of the Tribulation may be set in proper perspective if we first survey the history of prophetic interpretation. The hope of the Church throughout the early centuries was the second coming of Christ, not a pretribulation rapture. If the Blessed Hope … Continue reading The Historic Hope of the Church

Bottomless Pit

Today is All Souls Days(1) on some Christian calendars so I thought it might be a good idea to think about hell. (1) In some Christian denominations, All Souls' Day or the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, that is, of the souls of all humans who have died, follows All Saints' … Continue reading Bottomless Pit

Historicism Audio

Hey folks, ever wonder what your Protestant forefathers believed about the end times? Those who rejected the authority of Papal Rome for the authority of scripture alone held to what was called THE Protestant interpretation known today as Historicism. Historicism defined, that view which regards the prophecy [of Revelation] as a prefiguration of the great … Continue reading Historicism Audio