Post-Mil Resources Theonomy and Eschatology by Richard Gaffin pdf Objections to Postmil Answered by Greg Bahnsen site The Prima Facie Acceptability of Postmillennialism by Greg Bahnsen site A Study of American Postmillenialism by Kim Riddlebarger (Riddlebarger is Amil and has written some fantastic books explaining that perspective.) site Essays on The Covenantal Kingdom (in depth) site Always Victorious by F. … Continue reading Post-Mil Resources

The Candle and the Comforter

Jesus Christ is our eternal king who governs us by his Word and Spirit (Heidelberg Catechism LD 12). In the Reformation, this twofold formula guarded against, on the one hand, the objectivism of Roman Catholic sacramentalism and, on the other hand, the subjectivism of Anabaptist mysticism. With this in mind, I was struck afresh when … Continue reading The Candle and the Comforter

Divine Wrath

Quote from a Steven Lawson sermon: "Any lack of fearing God produces false converts. No one giggles their way into the kingdom of heaven. No one comes skipping into the kingdom of heaven. The only ones who genuinely enter into the kingdom of heaven are those who realize they are under the wrath of God … Continue reading Divine Wrath

Sanctification: Different From Justification

This is a key difference between Protestantism, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox who often collapse justification into sanctification. "Justification and sanctification are something that we must distinguish when we talk about salvation because the Bible portrays them differently. Both justification and sanctification are concerned with righteousness. However, justification is God, as judge, declaring us to … Continue reading Sanctification: Different From Justification

Farewell #Woke Church Absolutely right. The woke church isn't the church so if we are discussing faith with 'woke' Christians we need to see it as interfaith dialogue. If someone told me 'blackness' and 'black people' were a problem in the church LIKE we are hearing from the 'woke church' about white people - I wouldn't put … Continue reading Farewell #Woke Church

Don Fortner’s Funeral Service

Pastor Don Fortner has had a huge impact on me over the years and although I'll miss downloading and listening to his current sermons he has gone to better place. He has fallen asleep in the Lord after running a faithful race. The funeral service can be watched or listened to here: A video … Continue reading Don Fortner’s Funeral Service