Warfield writes, "According to this system God the Lord does nothing looking to the salvation of men directly and immediately: all that he does for the salvation of men he does through the mediation of the Church, to which, having endowed it with powers adequate to the task, he has committed the whole work of … Continue reading Sacerdotalism

Sanctification: Different From Justification

This is a key difference between Protestantism, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox who often collapse justification into sanctification. "Justification and sanctification are something that we must distinguish when we talk about salvation because the Bible portrays them differently. Both justification and sanctification are concerned with righteousness. However, justification is God, as judge, declaring us to … Continue reading Sanctification: Different From Justification

Procession of the Holy Spirit – Letham

4.4.2 Differences between the Eastern and the Western Churches In the east, stress falls on the Father as the source of the personal subsistence of the Son and the Spirit. The Father is the guarantor of the unity in the Godhead, the source, and the cause of the Son and the Spirit. Thus, the Spirit … Continue reading Procession of the Holy Spirit – Letham


THERE is no day commanded in scripture to be kept holy under the gospel but the Lord’s day, which is the Christian Sabbath. Festival days, vulgarly called Holy-days, having no warrant in the word of God, are not to be continued. Nevertheless, it is lawful and necessary, upon special emergent occasions, to separate a day … Continue reading Easter