Post-Mil Resources Theonomy and Eschatology by Richard Gaffin pdf Objections to Postmil Answered by Greg Bahnsen site The Prima Facie Acceptability of Postmillennialism by Greg Bahnsen site A Study of American Postmillenialism by Kim Riddlebarger (Riddlebarger is Amil and has written some fantastic books explaining that perspective.) site Essays on The Covenantal Kingdom (in depth) site Always Victorious by F. … Continue reading Post-Mil Resources

Is the Keeping of Christmas Pleasing to the Lord?

Throwback - 2012 Can it be? Two Dispensationalists in two days...on JM's blog? lol IS THE KEEPING OF CHRISTMAS PLEASING TO THE LORD? by Robert D. Gracey (1935) Christmas, a name that has lost its one-time charm! Years ago when we were children, Christmas was to us a name associated with the purest joys of … Continue reading Is the Keeping of Christmas Pleasing to the Lord?

Blood Moon!!!

A few helpful scripture quotations from DISPENSATIONALISM – CATEGORIZED SCRIPTURE LIST The true fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies is frequently indicated in the New Testament. · The prophecy of restoring Israel was fulfilled by the calling of the Gentiles to be God's people. Act 15:13-17 (quoting Amos 9:11-12) And after they had held their peace, … Continue reading Blood Moon!!!

Philpot on Gill’s Commentary

For a sound, consistent, scriptural exposition of the word of God, no commentary, we believe, in any language can be compared with Dr. Gill’s. There may be commentaries on individual books of Scripture, which may surpass Dr. Gill’s in depth of research and fullness of exposition: and the great work from which Poole compiled his … Continue reading Philpot on Gill’s Commentary

Scriptural Challenges for Premillenialists

A few interesting points from Sam Storms about Premillennalism: If you are a premillennialist, whether dispensational or not, there are several things with which you must reckon: • You must necessarily believe that physical death will continue to exist beyond the time of Christ's second coming. • You must necessarily believe that the natural creation … Continue reading Scriptural Challenges for Premillenialists