Insights into Anglicanism

Michael P. Jensen is the author of Sydney Anglicanism: An Apology and (with Tom Frame) Defining Convictions and Decisive Commitments–The Thirty-Nine Articles in Contemporary Anglicanism. He is the rector of St Mark’s Anglican Church, Darling Point, in Sydney, Australia. 1. Since the arrival of Christianity in Britain in the 3rd century, British Christianity has had a distinct flavor and independence of spirit, … Continue reading Insights into Anglicanism

Fuller’s Controversy with Booth [Letter III]

[The footnotes are included in the letters. They are found in bracketed italics. Any links found in the article are my doing.]  SIX LETTERS TO DR. RYLAND RESPECTING THE CONTROVERSY WITH THE REV. A. BOOTH. LETTER III. ON SUBSTITUTION. MY DEAR BROTHER, Jan. 12, 1803. WHETHER Christ laid down his life as a substitute for … Continue reading Fuller’s Controversy with Booth [Letter III]

True Discipleship, or the Liberty of Truth

True Discipleship, or the Liberty of Truth Preached at Providence Chapel, Oakham, on Wednesday Evening, July 7, 1869, by J. C. Philpot Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed on him, "If you continue in my word, then are you my disciples indeed; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make … Continue reading True Discipleship, or the Liberty of Truth


If you believe in hell you believe God created some that would end up in hell without salvation. If God elects from the foundation of the world based on foreseen faith He still did not elect a mass of humanity, that He knew, would not choose Him and would eventually end up in hell. God … Continue reading Election