Anglican Studies

MUST LISTEN! I highly recommend the following series of Anglican Studies by Archdeacon Fr. Michael McKinnon. Fr. McKinnon covers important subjects such as: the Primacy Of Scripture Evangelical Character-Catholic Nature The Apostolic Fathers 33AD - 120AD The History, Faith And Order of the Undivided Church (from 120 AD – 1054 AD) The Holy Scriptures And … Continue reading Anglican Studies

The Mysteries of the Faith not to be Divulged to All

Clement wrote: But since this tradition is not published alone for him who perceives the magnificence of the word; it is requisite, therefore, to hide in a mystery the wisdom spoken, which the Son of God taught. Now, therefore, Isaiah the prophet has his tongue purified by fire, so that he may be able to … Continue reading The Mysteries of the Faith not to be Divulged to All


“The faith which was once delivered unto the saints,” is not that grace of faith which “is the fruit of the Spirit,” but that doctrine and order of the gospel in which the salvation of God is made known to the saints in the world. This is that “mystery which hath been hid from ages … Continue reading Faith


LYRICS: John Leland (1754-1841) "Rev. John Leland was born in Grafton, Mass., May 14, 1754. At the age of eighteen he passed through an experience not unlike that of John Bunyan, coming out gradually into the liberty of the gospel. Within a month after his conversion, in June, 1774, he made his first attempt at … Continue reading Ecstasy

Reformation Heritage Study Bible Premium Hardcover

Ok, I'm back...for a minute. Bought a new Bible and wanted to share some pics of it since I was unable to find any online, except from the publisher and they were not very detailed. From 2009 until December of 2015 I used a reference Bible only. In December I started reading The Orthodox Study … Continue reading Reformation Heritage Study Bible Premium Hardcover