John Gill, The "second" command is, "Thou shall not make to thyself any graven image, or any likeness--thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them", &c. which respects the mode of worship. And, Requires, that it should be spiritual, suitable to the nature of God, without any carnal imaginations, and external representations … Continue reading Idolatry

Classic Chiliasm

Photo by Fallon Michael on What the world needs now (in 2020) is a proper eschatology, one that allows for a spiritual understanding of allegorical passages, not a position that forces a literal interpretation from scripture to fit a system. Can you believe some Premillennialists are looking for a 3rd Temple, a rebuilt Temple … Continue reading Classic Chiliasm

To Promote a Fortitude of Mind Against the Fear of Death

Dr. John Gill observes, That Christ has abolished death as a penal evil, so that it will never be inflicted on the believer by way of punishment. The sting of death is taken away by Christ, which is sin, and a very venomous sting it is, and death thus armed is to be feared; but … Continue reading To Promote a Fortitude of Mind Against the Fear of Death

17th Century Particular Baptists

Two groups of Particular Baptists emerged from the 1700's. Those who were Reformed and Confessional and another group that focused more on soteriology and took a different approach to the Decalogue. The following quote was taken from Gospel Standard Baptist site, it highlights some of the differences between the two groups, it's worth a read. … Continue reading 17th Century Particular Baptists