I may catch some hell for this one but I find the Faithful Word App very useful with thousands of hours worth of material to listen to. It is banned from Android app stores so you will have to download it from here. The app, " the Greek Audio of Scrivener’s 1894 Text, the French … Continue reading FAITHFUL WORD APP

‘Twixt Jesus

One of my favourite hymns from Gadsby's, #405. ‘Twixt Jesus and the Chosen Race Subsists a bond of sov’reign grace, That hell, with its infernal train, Shall ne’er dissolve, or rend in twain. This sacred bond shall never break, Though earth should to her center shake; Rest, doubting saint, assured of this, For God … Continue reading ‘Twixt Jesus


LYRICS: John Leland (1754-1841) "Rev. John Leland was born in Grafton, Mass., May 14, 1754. At the age of eighteen he passed through an experience not unlike that of John Bunyan, coming out gradually into the liberty of the gospel. Within a month after his conversion, in June, 1774, he made his first attempt at … Continue reading Ecstasy