For we live by faith…

Going through my bookshelves and re-reading some old favourites. During lunch today I’m diving into the Beveridge translation of Calvin’s Institutes (book 4). "Wherefore as during our whole lives we carry about with us the remains of sin, we could not continue in the church one single moment were we not sustained by the uninterrupted … Continue reading For we live by faith…

Antichrist Watch

 Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour. 1 John 2:18 Vatican's Secret Deal with China 500 Years Latter the Papacy is still Antichrist

Why Our World Needs the Sabbath

Photo by Frank Cone on “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.” If you’ve ever heard that maddening one-liner, you may have spent some time in the flurry-fed world of service or retail. Then again, those industries don’t have a monopoly on encouraging frenzied, harried, and hectic lives. We’re all … Continue reading Why Our World Needs the Sabbath

Ontario doctor suspended from practicing medicine for criticizing vaccines and lockdowns

Photo by Nurlan Tortbayev on Dr. Rochagne Kilian, a former emergency room doctor from Owen Sound, Ont., spoke out multiple times against mask mandates, the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and lockdown measures.  Dr. Kilian resigned as an emergency room doctor at the local hospital in August. The CPSO suspended her from practicing medicine entirely as of … Continue reading Ontario doctor suspended from practicing medicine for criticizing vaccines and lockdowns

Justification from Eternity

Yes, I believe in justification FROM eternity and not I'm not antinomian. Photo by Dan Hamill on "The doctrine of justification from eternity does not replace traditional protestant or evangelical doctrines, but radically changes them from within. Most fundamentally it changes the ontological status of historical events from causes into signs: Conversion, faith and … Continue reading Justification from Eternity

Right-Wing Dharma

"Most political conservatives in Burma are Buddhists, with the “progressives” often “progressing” to secular materialism, or maybe Christianity. Similarly, conservatives in the west, being rather traditionalistic, tend towards Christianity (or maybe Judaism), if they are religious at all. Thus the predominance of political leftism in western Buddhism is an artifact of circumstance, not a political, … Continue reading Right-Wing Dharma