A Prayer for all in Civil Authority

During this time of pandemic please remember to pray for those in authority, that God may guide them, give them wisdom and bring them to salvation if they do not know the Lord Jesus. First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone, 2 for kings and all … Continue reading A Prayer for all in Civil Authority

Five Benefits of Liturgical Worship

"It's not whether we will have a liturgy, but which liturgy we will have." Jordan Cooper is a Lutheran Pastor and pod-caster, in his video "The  Five Benefits of Liturgical Worship," he makes some excellent points. Liturgy is... Full of scripture - As a guy attending a Book of Common Prayer service every Lord's Day … Continue reading Five Benefits of Liturgical Worship

God – Author of Sin?

It seems Jerome Zanchius is articulating that God to be the architect, designer, etc of sin.  I have no problem with this idea and Reformed [Calvinistic] Christians shouldn’t either, especially the way Zanchius explains how the ultimate end will result in good…somehow. God, as the primary and efficient cause of all things, is not only the Author … Continue reading God – Author of Sin?

It’s all in black and white…and grey!

I read this article once a year! Posted for your enjoyment. Presuppositional Apologetics in conversation by Cornelius VanTil We have first the non-Christian, who worships the creature rather than the Creator. We shall call him Mr. Black. Mr. Black may be a very “decent” sort of man. By God’s common grace he may do much that … Continue reading It’s all in black and white…and grey!