Is the Keeping of Christmas Pleasing to the Lord?

Throwback - 2012 Can it be? Two Dispensationalists in two days...on JM's blog? lol IS THE KEEPING OF CHRISTMAS PLEASING TO THE LORD? by Robert D. Gracey (1935) Christmas, a name that has lost its one-time charm! Years ago when we were children, Christmas was to us a name associated with the purest joys of … Continue reading Is the Keeping of Christmas Pleasing to the Lord?

Hassell on JND

"John Nelson Darby, of London (1800-82), at first a lawyer, and then an Episcopalian preacher, started in 1827 at Dublin, Ireland, and in 1830 at Plymouth, England, a religious assembly, afterwards developed into a sect called “Darbyites” or “Plymouth Brethren” (their greatest success being at Plymouth), and calling themselves “Brethren.” They unchurch all ecclesiastical communities, … Continue reading Hassell on JND

Good People

(repost) Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. We have many ideas about what a person has to do to get to heaven.  Some believe we must follow the "Golden Rule," and do good deeds which will eventually outweigh the bad we have done, tipping … Continue reading Good People