Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 18 – 20

Rev. 18.1: This is the angel that poured forth the fifth vial upon the seat or throne of the beast. (Re 16:10) The school men tell us, there are three degrees of the holy angels. The first hierarchy are seraphims, cherubims, and thrones; the second hath dominions, virtues, and powers; the third hath principalities, arch … Continue reading Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 18 – 20

Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 16 & 17

Rev. 16.2: The earth in this verse, doth metonymically signify the inhabiters of the Popish earth, the earthly state of the Roman papal kingdom; that is, those inhabiters of the earth against whom the third woe is pronounced, (Re 8:13) especially those that rejoiced at the killing of Christ's two prophetical witnesses. (Re 11:10) By … Continue reading Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 16 & 17

Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 13

Continuing... Rev. 13.1: By sea here, we may understand some very great confluence of people, and nations. (Re 17:15) Learned Meade in his comment upon (Re 8) faith, that Alaricus, with an huge host of Goths, and other barbarians, Alans, Huns, etc., invaded the Roman empire, both east and west, etc. By the beast here, … Continue reading Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 13

Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 7 & 8

Why go to all this trouble selecting choice quotes and blogging them? To slowly introduce you to Hanserd Knollys' work a little at a time. Any emphasis was added, thanks. Rev. 7.1: This chapter consists of two general parts; first, Christ's special care of his churches and saints in those evil times, which were to … Continue reading Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 7 & 8