The Cross of Calvary

"Here we commemorate the greatest and deepest demonstration of true love the world has ever known. For God looked down upon sorrowing, struggling, sinning humanity and was moved with compassion for the contrary, sheep-like creatures He had made. In spite of the tremendous personal cost it would entail to Himself to deliver them from their … Continue reading The Cross of Calvary

Interpretation of the Scriptures

Arthur Walkington Pink is one of my spiritual fathers. His work the Interpretation of the Scriptures really helped me iron out issues I've had with biblical interpretation. I still refer to his works when needed (especially his commentary on Hebrews) when studying the word. He is far from perfect but always enlightening and I thank God … Continue reading Interpretation of the Scriptures

Do Demons Love Christmas?

From last year, 2015: Friends on facebook have already started posting pictures of Christmas Trees! Oh, well. Christmas is my favorite secular holiday, you will not find me "keeping Christ in Christmas" (He was never there in the first place) but enjoying this secular holiday with friends and family. "The Demons it may be would … Continue reading Do Demons Love Christmas?

Is the Keeping of Christmas Pleasing to the Lord?

Throwback - 2012 Can it be? Two Dispensationalists in two days...on JM's blog? lol IS THE KEEPING OF CHRISTMAS PLEASING TO THE LORD? by Robert D. Gracey (1935) Christmas, a name that has lost its one-time charm! Years ago when we were children, Christmas was to us a name associated with the purest joys of … Continue reading Is the Keeping of Christmas Pleasing to the Lord?