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gillMy lucky day!

During lunch hour I retreated to my bat cave (not really a cave but a dark 3rd floor storage area were we keep old files and records) to listen to a sermon or two and found some of John Gill’s work on SermonAudio!

The voice is robotic sounding but still…it’s John Gill! I was able to put up with the creepy voice and maybe you can as well. Anyways, I’m very thankful to the folks at Grace Chapel Community Church for taking the time to post them.

Yours in the Lord,


Firebrand Preaching

I love firebrand preaching.

Al Martin, Ian Paisley (check out his Fundamentalism vs. Apostasy sermon), Paul Washer, L.R. Shelton, Paris Reidhead, and who could not like “The God of the Bible Kills People” by brother Rolfe Barnard? Don Fortner and Henry Mahan can turn it up, Alan Cairns can rail with the best of ’em, the list goes on. These men have been given a gift for passionate preaching and I love it!

Sola Deo Gloria.


Time Measured by Eternity

A sermon by Heman Humphrey

“Ye men of business and of might, in the high meridian of your course. What is your life? Were we to make up an estimate from your daily conversation, from the eagerness of your worldly pursuits, from your extensive plans, and far-reaching expectations,we must suppose you exempted from the common lot of mortality. But no estimate can be more delusive. Strip your life then of these fictitious and imposing circumstances, and what is it but a vapor? What obstacle does your fine constitution oppose to the ravages of disease?—to the stroke of death? How many firmer have fallen in a few days, or hours?”


Adoption is the “fresh act of [God’s] royal favour. An immanent act of the divine will of, what was in God from eternity; hence the elect of God were predestinated to the adoption of children and all its blessings.” – John Gill

Ever wonder what “federal headship” means and don’t want to get too bogged down in theological jargon? Brother Ron Wood has a sermon to get you going on the subject. Download it here.

Last Lord’s Day I attended a local Presbyterian church. The sermon was on the subject of adoption I wanted to recommend it here. Download the sermon on Galatians 3:21-4:7 dated May 24th, 2015.

Duty Faith Denounced

I’m not trying to start a big fight or cause a lot of fuss but I found a sermon on the subject of Duty Faith. Never heard one preached before. Sure, I’ve read works contra Duty Faith but never heard a sermon on it.

What is Duty Faith? “…the duty of all men where the gospel comes, to repent and believe unto salvation…” John Foreman

It is argued that faith cannot be a duty of the reprobate or unregenerate sinner as a condition of salvation, rather, our faith is the gift of God after regeneration. (please correct me when I error) Foreman uses a covenantal argument against the idea of Duty Faith. I’ll leave you with a quote from Foreman’s work and the sermon by Pastor Smith.

The error of mixing the covenants: Now I cannot see what the obligations of the Eden covenant of nature can have to do with faith in this covenant of mercy, by a surety’s blood, as a duty; because the most perfect obedience maintained in Eden could in no way, from its very nature, be any title, or even any sort of introduction, to any of the mercy favours: of this covenant. And as the Eden covenant, which was but a fair legal contract between sinless man and his holy Maker, could not, from its very nature, embrace one single salvation blessing of this covenant of mercy, so neither could it devolve one single obligation on man, in regard to the parental and household requirements of this covenant of forgiving mercy to those whom the law of that covenant at once condemns.

The law of works is the standard of the natural man’s legal, and of the sinful man’s penal, obligations to God, according to the Eden covenant; and by that law it was, and is, every natural man’s duty to be naturally pure and sinless, as Adam was at the first, and all in him, and had power so to be; but it is no man’s duty to be a saint in Christ Jesus; it is a great favour to be so, and it is divine favour only that makes any man to be so, and it is the power of divine favour only, that makes any poor sinner to know, believe, rejoice, and live to God under the truth of it. And this being on so different a foundation altogether to that of the natural covenant with pure human nature in Eden, duty faith in this covenant of mercy to the guilty could never come as an obligation on any man from that covenant with sinless nature; which will not even now know any thing but innocency or death; repentance and faith being no part of the obedience or state of man required by the law of works.

And we might very property ask, are the favours of the covenant of life and peace universal, while the covenant itself is undeniably declared to be particular? Are election, predestination, redemption, justification, peace, pardon, sanctification, and final glory in heaven with Christ, universal favours? Because if they are not, to believe them so, Is to believe a lie; and to teach so, is to teach a lie; and to teach any one thing that justly leads to the conclusion that all the rest, to be consistent, must be universal, is but little better than at once teaching of lies altogether. And it must be very fallacious to talk about universal faith without universal interest, since faith and interest are inseparable, according to the word of God. And since faith is the sign of interest, by the promise of God, can it be the duty of all to believe and wear the sign universally, of what is not universally warranted by promise? And are the promises universal? Because, no promise, no ground for faith; for even grace does not give faith where it has not given promise. Or is it the duty of all men to believe unto salvation in such a way, as that by believing they may make that eternally general, which God himself has made eternally particular and discriminate?

Below you’ll find a sermon preached by Pastor Jared Smith of The Baptist Church, Kensington Place London.

And You Thought YOUR Pastor Preached Long Sermons!

7 hour mega-sermons?

“While I wouldn’t personally recommend preaching for over 50 minutes, it should be remembered that at times, long sermons have been greatly used by God. For instance, Acts 20:7-12 tells us that during the Sunday worship of the church at Troas, the Apostle Paul preached until midnight, paused briefly to raise a young man named Eutychus from the dead who had fallen asleep and out of a third story window, ate a meal and then continued on speaking till daybreak. The total length of Paul’s message was probably around twelve hours in length.”

Building Old School Churches

Very few congregations today can endure a sermon for longer than one hour, and it’s common to hear complaints when a sermon exceeds 45 minutes in length. But it’s worth noting that in the past Reformed Christians regularly endured and even thrived under preaching that lasted for two hours or even longer. For instance, the following is recorded of John Craig, one of the first Presbyterian ministers in Western Virginia:

“Every Sunday morning Jostoneministerstablet1resampledhn Craig walked five miles to the place of worship. In one hand he carried a Bible. In the other hand or upon his shoulder he usually carried a rifle, to be used against Indians if they should make an attack. All the men of his congregation likewise brought rifles. A powder horn was hung from each man’s shoulder by a long strap. At ten o’clock in the morning the people were seated in…

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