Five Disadvantages to Liturgical Worship

Back in April of 2018 I posted Dr. Jordan Cooper's video on the Five Benefits of Liturgical Worship and it has been one of my more popular posts. At the time I was attending Holy Trinity Anglican Church and going through somewhat of a spiritual/midlife crisis. I wondered around for a few years but eventually … Continue reading Five Disadvantages to Liturgical Worship

Who are the dreaded Hyper Calvinists?

Accordingly, Hypers view God as being the author of sin AND they also believe that man has no responsibility before God for his sin. Hypers believe the Gospel should only preached to the elect and are therefore against the free proclamation of the Gospel to all.  Hypers belief you must agree with their soteriological positions as a prerequisite … Continue reading Who are the dreaded Hyper Calvinists?

Sermons from orthodox #Anglicans

Online Sermons and Podcasts from ANiC Churches Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd, Richmond, BC (Chinese) Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd, Vancouver, BC Blackburn Hamlet Community Church, Blackburn Hamlet, ON Celebration Church, Barrie, ON - weekly radio show Church of the Good Shepherd, St. Catharines, ON Church of the Messiah, Ottawa, ON … Continue reading Sermons from orthodox #Anglicans

False Religion

"Though most loudly denounce salvation by works, when examined closely, all false religion is works religion. Augustus Toplady put it this way – “Every religion except one puts you upon doing something in order to recommend yourself to God…It is the business of all false religion to patch up a righteousness in which the sinner … Continue reading False Religion

Is “Calvinism” Biblical? (pt 12)

WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES ABOUT REPROBATION: Webster's Dictionary of 1828 defines reprobation thusly; REPROBA''TION, n.  [L. reprobatio.] 1.  The act of disallowing with detestation, or of expressing extreme dislike. 2.  The act of abandoning or state of being abandoned to eternal destruction. When a sinner is so hardened as to feel no remorse or misgiving … Continue reading Is “Calvinism” Biblical? (pt 12)

Is “Calvinism” Biblical? (pt 10)

THE BIBLE TEACHES THAT FAITH AND REPENTANCE ARE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:  Him hath God exalted with  his right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance to  Israel, and forgiveness of sins. (Acts 5) "granted repentance unto life" When they heard these  things, they held their peace, and glorified … Continue reading Is “Calvinism” Biblical? (pt 10)