Christian Soldier

“In the midst of battle, it is easy to get discouraged by the bumps, bruises, and wounds that we suffer. When we see other Christians fail, fall, or pass away, it can be devastating. So, we must be reminded that our Captain has already conquered sin and death. He is risen indeed! His strategies will never fail, and all of His soldiers will triumph. Let us look upward and forward to the time when He will dwell in the midst of His perfected church and will make all things new (Rev. 21:1–4).” Robert VanDoodewaard

Revelation and Worship

GRAVE“[F]or it seems plainly to be founded on the clearest notions of the light of nature, that the worship of God is to be regulated by the will and pleasure of God; which if he reveal not, how can we know it? Hence it was that the heathens never pretended reason, but always revelation for their worship.”

Thomas HalyburtonFaith and Revelation(1714; Aberdeen: James Begg Society, 2003), p. 93. (reblog from Reformed Covenanter)

Faith is Dead


“…faith is dead, being by itself, that is, when destitute of good works. We hence conclude that it is indeed no faith, for when dead, it does not properly retain the name.” John Calvin

Dostoevsky’s THE IDIOT


Originally posted on Feileadh Mor back in 2009.

Roman Catholicism is even worse than Atheism itself, in my opinion!

Yes, that’s my opinion! Atheism only preaches a negation, but Catholicism goes further: it preaches a distorted Christ, a Christ calumniated and defamed by themselves, the opposite of Christ! It preaches the Antichrist, I declare it does, I assure you it does! This is the conviction I have long held, and it has distressed me, myself… Roman Catholicism cannot hold its position without universal political supremacy, and cries: ‘Non possumus!’ To my thinking Roman Catholicism is not even a religion, but simply the continuation of the Western Roman Empire, and everything in it is subordinated to that idea, faith to begin with. The Pope seized the earth, an earthly throne, and grasped the sword; everything has gone on in the same way since, only they have added to the sword lying, fraud, deceit, fanaticism, superstition, villainy. They have trifled with the most holy, truthful, sincere, fervent feelings of the people; they have bartered it all, all for money, for base earthly power. And isn’t that the teaching of Antichrist? How could Atheism fail to come from them? Atheism has sprung from Roman Catholicism itself. It originated with them themselves. Can they have believed themselves?

It has been strengthened by revulsion from them; it is begotten by their lying and their spiritual impotence!


Among us it is only the exceptional classes who don’t believe, those who … have lost their roots. But over there, in Europe, a terrible mass of the people themselves are beginning to lose their faith – at first from darkness and lying, and now from fanaticism and hatred of the church and Christianity.

…let your conscience be your guide…if!

jimin“It was Jiminy Cricket who said, ‘Always let your conscience be your guide.’ This is good advice if our conscience is informed and ruled by the Word of God. However, if our conscience is ignorant of Scripture or has been seared or hardened by repeated sin, then Jiminy Cricket theology is disastrous.” –  R.C. Sproul, Essential Truths of the Christian Faith (page 151)

Sherlock and Clays

Just ordered my first clay pipe from Penn Valley Pipes & Tobacco! (Pic’s to follow.)sherlock

“Sherlock Holmes sat silent for a few minutes with his finger tips still pressed together, his legs stretched out in front of him and his gaze directed upwards to the ceiling. Then he took down from the rack the old and oily clay pipe , which was to him as a counselor, and, having it, he leaned back in his chair , with the thick blue cloud-wreaths spinning up from him, and a look of infinite languor in his face.” – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A Case of Identity

Recently I re-read ‘A Study in Scarlett’ that I was able to download free from It was what is called a remastered edition ‘that strives to make the classic story more accessible. While the vast majority of the text is original, hundreds of modifications have been made to make the story an easier, smoother reading experience for modern readers.’ It was altogether enjoyable as the first time I read it. I think it was an easier read but then again it was the second time through. If you want to read Holmes I recommend this modern edition.