Five Disadvantages to Liturgical Worship

Back in April of 2018 I posted Dr. Jordan Cooper's video on the Five Benefits of Liturgical Worship and it has been one of my more popular posts. At the time I was attending Holy Trinity Anglican Church and going through somewhat of a spiritual/midlife crisis. I wondered around for a few years but eventually … Continue reading Five Disadvantages to Liturgical Worship

The Great Litany

Just try it, trust me...this is the Great Litany according to the Book of Common Prayer 2019. It's Protestant! Yes, it really is, and perfect for Lenten devotions. The portions in bold italics are responses but I normally pray the entire section including the Supplication on my own. Just a suggestion when praying this Litany, … Continue reading The Great Litany

Call to Prayer and Fast, Sunday 22nd March

Not a bad idea, I'm hoping others will join in and pray and fast this Sunday. Yours in the Lord, jm Source: GAFCON Archbishop Ben Kwashi & Archbishop Foley Beach GAFCON Chairman Archbishop Foley Beach and General Secretary Archbishop Ben Kwashi issue a call to prayer and fasting for this Sunday, 22 March, interceding against … Continue reading Call to Prayer and Fast, Sunday 22nd March

Bottomless Pit

Today is All Souls Days(1) on some Christian calendars so I thought it might be a good idea to think about hell. (1) In some Christian denominations, All Souls' Day or the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, that is, of the souls of all humans who have died, follows All Saints' … Continue reading Bottomless Pit

Anglican Studies

MUST LISTEN! I highly recommend the following series of Anglican Studies by Archdeacon Fr. Michael McKinnon. Fr. McKinnon covers important subjects such as: the Primacy Of Scripture Evangelical Character-Catholic Nature The Apostolic Fathers 33AD - 120AD The History, Faith And Order of the Undivided Church (from 120 AD – 1054 AD) The Holy Scriptures And … Continue reading Anglican Studies

Catholics need to Convert & Prots need Penance

“Thomas Merton said it was actually dangerous to put the Scriptures in the hands of people whose inner self is not yet sufficiently awakened to encounter the Spirit, because they will try to use God for their own egocentric purposes. (This is why religion is so subject to corruption!) Now, if we are going to … Continue reading Catholics need to Convert & Prots need Penance