Experiencing God through scripture, prayer and meditation.

“behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.” Genesis 2.3

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The Original “About” 2009 – June 2017

The title “Feileadh Mor” refers to the great kilt. The great kilt is an untailored garment made of plaid, gathered up into pleats by hand and drapes over the wearer, secured by a wide belt. I decided to title my blog “Feileadh Mor” because the kilt conjures up images of Scotland and I find Scotland interesting.

Not only that but just as the great kilt covers many things (wink, wink), this blog will cover many topics including theology, history, Freemasonry, whiskey, politics, etc… I enjoy reading and learning, dialogue and discussion. This blog is where I store the fascinating information I discover while surfing.


26 thoughts on “About

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  2. You are the first person that I have ever seen (online) that knows what the Confessions of 1644 and ’89 were, much less read them. I happened upon your site while looking for a Gadsby Hymnal with the music included. I am a Baptist living in San Martin, California. http://www.sgbcsv.org/ I look forward to reading through some of your articles here. By the way, Peterson makes a GREAT pipe, if you don’t mind the investment.. 🙂

    • Great question and I’m not sure I can give a solid, definitive answer.

      Some disagreement does exist between Calvin and the Reformed confessions. Dabney’s view of the Lord’s Supper for example is identical to that of Hodge. He believes Calvin’s view, “is not only incomprehensible, but impossible.” Dabney also maintained that the Westminster Assembly modified Calvin’s view so as to remove “all that was untenable and unscriptural in it.” (source: http://www.reformed.org/webfiles/antithesis/index.html?mainframe=/webfiles/antithesis/v2n2/ant_v2n2_presence.html#30) Most Baptists would deny the teachings of Calvin, Hodge and Dabney who I believe hold the line for Reformed paedobaptist teaching. Calvin’s instrumentalism seems far too Popish for even Presbyterianism.

      Modern Reformed Baptists, as we have seen with the republication of the work by Coxe and Denault’s new work, have at times simply restated a baptized version of paedobaptist theology. I’m not sure what the 1689 teaches but the memorial view is and probably was the most common view held by baptists. I should change my statements made in the ‘About’ section because I have a slightly different understanding of the Lord’s Supper, not that my view has changed, I just now have a better theological label for it. (symbolic parallelism)

      Please keep in mind Br. Patrick I’m just a layman. I could be wrong and often am.


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  5. I just tried to post regarding my take on “if it be possible, remove this cup ..” First time I ever made public my view. Where is it? I get your email’s so you are alive. Incidentally, except for one line I failed to understand regarding the page you filled out: either you are a copy of me or I am a copy of you; or more to the point I think we both are off shoots of John Gill

    • Nice to meet you Br. Robert. I’m just a little slow working through my emails tonight. Your comment may be seen now. Yours in the Lord. j

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