Rapture & Wrath

Every few months I download PreWrath podcasts and listen nonstop for a few hours. I’m not sure why I’m drawn to the PreWrath view of the church. I have a difficult time reading key passages in a literalistic manner which is the method needed to arrive at premillennialism and the PreWrath position…but here I am. … Continue reading Rapture & Wrath

PreWrath, Post-Trib…again

The End Times are a tricky subject for anyone to tackle. In this video series the presenter offers a short intro to the PreWrath Rapture view, a view that seems to be gaining momentum among literalists and others. Check it out.

What Did Peter Mean by “The End of All Things is Near”?

What “end” was Peter referencing? Certainly not the end of the entire physical universe since dispensationalists and other futurists believe that 1 Peter 4:7 is dealing with events leading up to something called the rapture, and there’s a lot that follows after the rapture. Here’s what I wrote in response to the post: Peter wrote … Continue reading What Did Peter Mean by “The End of All Things is Near”?