Perkin’s on the Sacrifice of the Mass

Perkin’s is masterful when discussing the early church fathers in light of scripture.

“To sacrifice and to offer in the fathers is understood by a metaphor of the celebration, execution, and action of all ecclesiastical matters tending unto the worship of God. Origen, upon the epistle to the Romans, l. 2, for circumcise, says, offer the blood of circumcision. And Tertullian, lib. 4, against Marcion, calls thanksgiving, oblation. And writing unto Scapula, for to pray for Caesar, he puts, to sacrifice for the emperor. And he used this form of speech the more freely, because it was imputed as a crime against the Christians, that they would not sacrifice, nor offer for the emperor. So in like manner Eusebius, Demonst., l. 1, cap. 10, for to honor God, puts, “to sacrifice prayers and hymns.” And Cyprian, lib. 2, epist. 3, for to celebrate the communion, puts, “to offer the sacrifice of the passion.” And Epiphanius, Haeres. 79, for to preach the gospel, puts, “to sacrifice the gospel.” And Cyprian again, l. 3, 13 epi., serm. 5, de Lapsis, for to celebrate the Eucharist, puts, “to offer the bread and the cup.“”

Read the rest here: The Early Church and the Sacrifice of the Mass

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