Letting Go…

Have you ever hard of Go?go

Go (Japanese) or Wei Qi (Chinese) is a board game played between two people that uses abstract thinking to surround your opponents pieces (called stones) to capture them and control the playing field. I’m new to the game but there’s nothing new about Go. Go was invented in China thousands of years ago and is believed to be the oldest board game in the world.

How did I get introduced?

My son bought a board 5 or 6 years ago and taught me how to play. Now, I did learn the rudimentary elements of the game 5 or 6 years ago but have played only rarely over the years so I decided to dive in and buy a more expensive board with proper size stones. I find the game relaxing and a nice break from reading and studying so it was time to make the purchase.

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With all of the options out there I had a difficult time choosing my Go set but price ended up being the deciding factor…AND I’m not disappointed! In fact I’m presently surprised by the quality of the set I ordered from Amazon.ca made by Yellow Mountain Imports. The board has a high gloss finish, the Melamine stones feel like “good” stones, the bamboo bowls feel and look cool. The bag is nice but the only gripe I have is that the zipper feels a little cheap. Besides that I would recommend paying $100.00 bucks for this Go set. Yeah, I’m new to the game, but can say it “feel” good. You won’t regret shelling out $100.00 for this set.

Yours in the Lord,


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