Lined-Out Hymnody from Southern Kentucky

(first blogged in 2010)

This is some moving, soul stirring music from the Southern States.  These hymns are similar to the Gaelic Psalms sung in Scotland and I’m sure there is a connection, not to mention it sounds similar to early Blues music before the electric guitar.

Have a listen.

They are offered as free downloads from the Old Regular Baptist [1] website.

Turn it up and be engulfed by the power of the human voice.


[1] note, these brothers and sisters are Arminian in their theology


  1. James Fahrney · March 17, 2017

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    • jm · March 18, 2017

      May God be glorified!

  2. Andrew Suttles · March 25

    1) soul stirring! I need to figure out how to get these on my phone. They make me want to tune my banker to sawmill and play some.

    2) Too bad these brothers are Arminian. ‘Regular’ Baptists used to stand against the newer free will revivalists.

    • jm · March 25

      Model tuning is the key brother.

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