Islamophobia (ie. Islam+phobia, “fear”)?

First published in 2014:

We know that not all Muslims are violent, radical terrorists.We know that many Muslims are peaceful, loving individuals.

But how many of the over 1 billion Muslims are radical?

If 5% of 1 billion are radical [just playing with numbers, work with me…this is just a percentage I pulled out of the air], that would be 50,000,000 radical Islamic terrorists that want to see our way of life end.

Is 5% too high?

Ok, what about 1%?

1% of 1 billion = 10,000,000 radical Islamic terrorists.

Something to think about while your driving to or from work today.




  1. Curt Wildy · November 21, 2010

    10,000,000 radical Islamic terrorists sounds like an alarming figure, but they together cannot stand against one angel of God (let alone God Himself). God is in control of all things, having purposed all things in accordance with His soveriegn will, and bringing about ALL that He hath purposed from before this world was.

    We look at Islam as the great threat… but it is not, it is nothing — nothing, that is, compared to the dreadful threat of false Christianity. Islam primarily fills the gap left behind by false Christian churches, denominations, and professors (Arminianism, Semi-Pelagianism, Sacramentalism, Pseudo-Christian Syncretism, etc.). If God saw fit for the True Christian light to shine as in past days, Islam would be stopped dead in the blinding display. Thus, Islam is nothing more than a punishment on the wicked and, perhaps, a chastisement on the righteous (given the seeming disarray of our churches today).

    Finally, when you consider how substantially so-called “Protestant nations” have fueled the flames of Mohammedism historically (Britain supporting radical Islam as a counter-balance to the Ottoman Turks, American doing the same as a counter-balance against Russian influence in Afghanistan, etc.) we seen that we ought not fear the symptom/result — but we ought to fear the cause — and that is the great falling away from God and His truth in our nation, Britain, Canada, and throughout the world of “Christendom.” The matter is not helped when we follow the path of so-called Christian-Zionism, yoking ourselves to the very nation of Pharisees that rejected the Gospel (and the Christ it reveals), and fight there battles for them (thus giving the ungodly even more reason to despise and plot against those nations once more closely identified with the Gospel truth). We need to pray for Gods elect amongst the Mohammedans, against the Talmudists, against the Protestants, Arminians, etc. — and let the dead bury their dead. God will fight the battles for His people.

  2. Curt Wildy · November 21, 2010

    Correction, in the second to last sentence, I meant to say amongst — not against.

  3. jm · May 31, 2011

    I just re-read this comment, excellent.

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