the Masoretic Text..nearly 2,000 years old



Could this mean Protestant Bibles have been using the correct text type all of these years? Maybe modern textual criticism is wrong? We shouldn’t jump to conclusions...yet.


The lump of carbonized parchment could not be opened or read. Its curators did nothing but conserve it, hoping that new technology might one day emerge to make the scroll legible.

Just such a technology has now been perfected by computer scientists at theUniversity of Kentucky. Working with biblical scholars in Jerusalem, they have used a computer to unfurl a digital image of the scroll.

It turns out to hold a fragment identical to the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible and, at nearly 2,000 years old, is the earliest instance of the text. (end quote)

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  1. Maria, a gentle iconoclast · September 26, 2016

    wonderful, JM – thank you!

  2. Robert Johnson · September 28, 2016

    Gill would never say ‘I told you so’; he is much to humble; but he might say ‘keep going, there is much older evidence’

    • jm · September 28, 2016

      Very true! And I just starting loving through LXX. 😦

  3. jm · September 28, 2016

    *the not through

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