Beautiful uke, solid spruce top gives it an excellent sound, stays in tune and pretty good set up right out of the box. The frets need a little work but overall…I’m impressed. Just wanted to post a quick video for those interested in picking up a tenor ukelele…just so you get an idea of what a Cordoba sounds like.


6 thoughts on “Cordoba 22T Tenor Ukulele

  1. Fantastic! Great sounds out of that thing!

    Does this replace the one that had all the Zodiac signs all over it?

    That is really good playing? Are you more of a Uke man now? I miss your music vids – glad to see you are still posting them!

    1. My wife prefers the sweet sound of the ukulele over the banjo so I tend to play more uke now. This is forcing me to play different styles of music. I still frail the uke once in a while but I’m also playing some Nirvana’s Come as You Are, Hanging Tree from the Hunger Games, Bransle, Smoke on the Water, etc. The Zodiac uke is still around but it’s a soprano and too small for my uncoordinated left hand. I personally prefer the banjo and played it for a while last night after work. I’ll post another banjo vid soon. You still playing? I noticed you haven’t been posting as often…

      Yours in the Lord,


      1. I’m glad you are still playing the banjo.

        I bought a cheap Lanakai Uke from Elderly when I was in Lansing, Michigan a couple years ago, but I really don’t play with it much. I was hoping I could get my kids interested in it, but that hasn’t worked so far.

        I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who has a wife with an aversion to the banjo. My wife pretty much hates hearing it (ike your wife, she doesn’t mind the softer uke sound). What is worse, I tend to only have time to play in the evenings after supper when she is trying to clean up and get the kids ready for bed.

        So, are you playing tabs on that thing or just sort of feeling it out?

        I haven’t been posting much lately on my blog. I’m in the national guard and at my rank I have to complete a distance learning school that is nearly as much work as a college degree (lots of reading and paper writing). Anyhow, with that pressing on me, I sort of feel obligated to work on it anytime I have my laptop out. This summer, however, I am going on orders for 90 days to back fill for some deployed folks, so I plan to take my laptop and get back into blogging.

      2. For a few tunes I just try to pick out the melody but I do use tabs and recently printed off a stack of them. The great thing about the uke is portability, I can take it everywhere and play it. I can understand your work/learning schedule. Just wait until the kids are older. 😉 Whole different kind of busy. lol

      3. When my children were little it was just a matter of meeting their needs and training them to love the Lord. For the most part it’s busy work. Between 8 and let’s say 12 my children were pretty independent and could get their own breakfast, lunch, help with dishes, laundry, yard work etc. We could stay busy as a family. Now that I have three teenagers (15, 16, 17) I find it’s busier in a different sense. They offer more resistance to my leading, they ask difficult questions and deal with complicated and extremely difficult situations in life. It’s all good and I accept it as a blessing from God but yes, I find it busier…

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