The authority of the Confessions

Although I disagree with Rev. Fisk over his analysis and comments about Reformed doctrine his view of the Law and Piety are exceptionally clear.

1 – 40sec Intro

40sec. – 5min. – 50sec. = The authority of scripture over confessions. (excellent)

5min. 50sec. – 8min. 30sec. = Rev. Fisk explains briefly the Law, piety as a form of moralism and swipes at the idea of progressive sanctification that we hear a lot about from our pulpits in North America. Fisk denies that “improving your life” is the litmus test for authentic belief in Jesus Christ. If you’re not “getting better,” according to the pietist, you have reason to doubt your salvation.

8min. 30sec. – 12 min. 50sec. = “Why isn’t smoking a sin?” His answer is pretty simple and scriptural. He goes to the Greek for a second and demolishes the idea that doing things that might be considered harmful is not sinful.

12min. 50sec. – 14min. = Blurb on sanctification.

14min. – 14min. 20sec. – How pop culture redefines words, better to roll with it…I think I’ll start using “Reformed” Baptist like the rest of the 1689r’s.

14min. 20sec.  – end = A finishing thought on the word “ministry” and missions trips.


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