Reformed Anglicanism

church002(Above the door on the inside of Christ Church, Chatham ON Canada)

I’ve been attending the Lord’s Supper at a local Anglican church before I attend the Baptist church where I’m a member. Long story short…I wanted to attend because my bcpgrandmother faithfully attends the 8:30am Book of Common Prayer service. I believe its important pray and worship together so I went. At first I wasn’t sure if I would even take part in communion, I was very hesitant, until I picked up the BCP and it fell open to the 39 Articles. I had time to give them a once over and was reminded of the Reformed heritage the Anglican church once had and still has in some smaller circles. Fifteen years ago I studied in the Anglican church to be a layreader but abandoned the study due to the extreme liberalism within the Anglican Church of Canada. I had forgotten how beautiful the BCP service was and felt starved of liturgy.

church(Langley Chapel, near Shrewsbury)

The Reformed Anglicanism I mentioned above is Prayer Book Anglicanism before the Tractarian or Oxford Movement pulled the Anglican church from its Reformed moorings toward Romanism.

The Oxford Movement was a movement of High Church members of the Church of England which eventually developed into Anglo-Catholicism. The movement, whose original members were mostly associated with the University of Oxford, argued for the reinstatement of some older Christian traditions of faith and their inclusion into Anglican liturgy and theology. They thought of Anglicanism as one of three branches of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

church001(Christ Church, Chatham ON Canada)

It’s very sad. From my previous blog posts, especially selections from the works of Henry Grattan Guinness, I gave a few details about the Anglo-Catholic movement and how the movement was used as a staging ground for Romanish eschatology, both Preterism and Futurism. I’ve come to learn that Anglo-Catholicism was also the avenue from which liberalism and Charismatic teaching entered their communion. The parish my Grams attends is a board church with Anglo-Catholic leanings.

To learn more I joined the Reformed Anglican Fellowship group on fb and started a conversation with Rev. Richard Lepage. Nice fella and very helpful.

I’ll post a few links that were shared with me for further reading and review.

Audio from Church Society

FAQ’s about the Reformed Anglican church

TGC on Anglicanism

Articles about the 39

The Lutherans have WELS and LCMS, why can’t the Anglicans Recover their Confessional Anglicanism?

The Three Streams of Anglicanism explained. (Evangelical, Anglo-Catholic and Charismatic) More here.

A Reformed Way podcast

Reformed Anglican sermons.

Haven’t read this yet but looks pretty good, “The Principles Of Theology: An Introduction to the Thirty-Nine Articles” W. H. Griffith Thomas

More photos of Christ Church. Compare them to the Reformed styled Chapel I posted above.

church003 church005 church0006

Yours in the Lord,




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