Think a republic would be cheaper than Monarchy?

For years I assumed Libertarianism and Republicanism went hand in hand but FLAGrecently I’ve been looking into different forms of government including Monarchal. As a Libertarian I feel we should keep the cost of governing as low as possible to keep taxes low (flat tax!!) and give people more freedom to spend or invest as they see fit. This article was interested…

Think a republic would be cheaper than Monarchy? Think again!

There’s one other benefit of Monarchy that a country enjoys too, and it’s one republicans will dismiss at the first opportunity. That’s its economic benefit. They would of course say there isn’t one. I’m telling you, however, as a matter of fact, that there is. For the following, I’ve carefully selected my evidence, owing to republicans’ insatiable desire to point out that a lot of the documentary evidence about the economic benefit of Monarchy are predictions rather than post-event measurements.

The comments below the article are interesting as well. Here’s one, “Why is it NEVER mentioned that the Duchy of Lancaster gives 85% of it’s income to the people, The Queen only gets 15% of the income, The Duchy of Lancaster was set up to give her an income. So in Fact, the tax payers don’t pay her anything. The Queen gets money from her own Duchy and gives the tax payers a majority of its earnings and is expected to pay for repairs to the Palaces out of this income.”

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