Do you think the Pope is born again?

Dr. Michael L. Brown posted the following question on facebook: “Do you think the Pope is born again?”

Pope Francis celebrates Mass during meeting with Augustinian priests in Rome

Dr. James White replied:

“…can a man be born again and allow himself to be called by the names of the Trinity? The Pope is called Holy Father, a title used only of God the Father in Scripture. As a Roman priest he was identified as an “alter Christus,” “another Christ,” at his ordination. And he is called the Vicar of Christ, and that, we know, is the role and function of the Holy Spirit. He heads a church which enslaves millions with a gospel that can never give peace. So I think the answer to that one is really, really clear.”

My question to those who read my blog, “Who, according to scripture, would seek God’s titles, call himself another Christ, pretend to sit in the place of Christ and rule over the church in place of Jesus Christ?”

It seems Dr. White’s comment stirred up a little discussion. Dr. White continues,

“The ‘responses’ my comment has received are sadly enlightening. Almost none, of course, have actually been responses in the sense of actually dealing with my argument. But dealing with arguments is the trait of the Old World, where the CONTENT of speech was the focus. Now we are surrounded by people who ignore CONTENT and replace that with FEELINGS so that it is the pattern of speech, the emotional response to speech, that matters. The prime example is someone named Alfa Perspective:”

and Dr White what miracle have you performed lately ?! your hatred for the Catholic church is really disturbing….I wonder what your real motives are …? If you really love Jesus you would not divide his followers more…..but unite them…..I wonder what agenda you are following blindly or willingly….to preach Jesus you need more than just words……and all you got are just words….so if you are using Jesus as a means to divide the church…. your sin is so great…may the love of Christ set you on the right path Dr White just because you have Phds from different universities , this does not make you a real follower of Jesus….; you can steal some wandering sheep from here and there……but at the end God will be the judge ……I hope you are not betraying Christ….

Even the devil knows that the bible is true…; the devil is using Jesus name to weaken his church and divide the believers;the Catholic Church has been around for over 2000 years……;the Catholic Church is the true Shepherd …..others are not… Dr White which side are you on ?!

Frighteningly, this same Alfa Perspective then linked to…Theodore Shoebat (a sure sign of being massively imbalanced). Another person, Seraphim Hamilton, wrote:

Hi Dr. White. This is a pretty superficial analysis. Don’t you think that, even if it is not wise, it might be possible for a man to allow someone to use those titles while meaning different things? For example, you call yourself a Christian, meaning little Christ. If you meant that you were eternally generated from Christ, this would be blasphemy. But that isn’t what you mean- likewise, Roman Catholics believe that the pope is a visible image of God’s paternity- just as Paul says all paternity derives jameswhitefrom the paternity of the Father relative to His Son.

The fact that any of these folks actually think that their replies are even slightly relevant to the argument I presented is shocking, and yet, this is the kind of irrationality that prevails in our modern age.”

Thank you Dr. White for standing for the Gospel against the pretenders!



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