Our Response to God – Awe

“…Jesus is Lord. It’s not a story we tell at Christmas time, it’s not just a cute book with great pictures that we get to read to our kids, it’s not about sentimentality and warm feelings it should be about awe. Awe that gives birth to expressive and explosive and joyful worship because God became man for us. Do you get that? The Son did not take on flesh as an experiment. It wasn’t so that He could experience what it’s like to be human. God knows everything, He’s omnipotent, He knows everything! He didn’t do it as a means by which He could simply relate to us. Jesus the Son of God was born so that He could rescue us from our lawlessness…and this should produce awe and lead us to worship…”

“Our response should not be to the holiday season or to a doctrine but to the person who was born of a virgin, we should be filled with awe, we should be filled with a sense of worship and we should be lead to submit ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ because He is in fact Lord. It should be a response of the will where we stick our knees in the dirt and say, “you are the Lord, you are the Master and I’m going to follow you now and forever.” – Joe Thorn

Listen to the sermon here.


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