Ron Wood writes, “The Scriptures do not declare that Christ died for the sins of all men it declares that He died for sinners. Moreover it declares that He died for chosen sinners. Now if that is the case can we honestly tell God hating rebels that Christ died for them? Yes we can as long as we tell them that the way that they know this to be true is to believe on Christ. We must also tell them the truth as clearly declared in the Scriptures that as long as they remain rebels and unbelievers it isn’t the love of God that abides on them but the wrath of God. We must never give the rebel sinner hope in the love of God apart from faith in Christ.”

The person asking the question, Can a Calvinist preach to non-believers ‘Jesus died for your sins?’ quoted the following:

Furthermore, the Arminian/Wesleyan believes that a God-limiting atonement is devastating to the gospel message. How can an evangelist preach that “Christ died for you” if Christ did not indeed die for all? There is a complete lack of confidence, they say, in making the statement to any one person that Christ died for them because the evangelist has no real idea if (given a God-limiting atonement) that is really the case. source

Brother Wood continues, “I would caution you to be careful what you read. Your quote is worded in such a way as to convey the idea that particular redemption is limiting God. That is intended to skew your thinking at the outset and is a dishonest way of expressing things.”


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