NPG D29699; Joseph Caryl by Robert WhiteTHAT which has fastened so many errors to the pope’s chair, and scattered them from there all over the world, is an opinion that he in his chair cannot err; his supposed spirit of infallibility has made him the great deceiver, and deceived him. He that thinks he cannot err, errs in thinking so, and seldom speaks or thinks or does anything that is not an error. The one who is most secured from error is the one who suspects that he has erred, and humbly acknowledges that he may have. — JOB 6.24. [128]

WISDOM is no man’s uniquely, and a great opinion of our own wisdom savours of great folly. The very head of that monster, papal pride, appears in this point. The pope thinks that he is the man, that he is the people, that all the wisdom and judgment of the world is contracted into him and fastened to the pummels of his chair, from which he would be believed to utter oracles with a spirit of infallibility. — JOB 12.2.
THE great cheat which the pope has put upon the world is that the Spirit of God is tied to the pummels of his chair, so that there he cannot err. But as particular men have erred, so whole councils of learned and aged men have erred.

TRUE wisdom is not the birth of time, nor the peculiarity of a party, but the free gift of the Spirit of God, who is most free both in what he gives, and to whom he gives. [129]

THE pope challenges himself that even though he may err in his private actions, as he is a man, yet as he is seated in the apostolic chair (in cathedra), and as he is the visible head of the Church, he cannot err; his will is the rule. We see what rule it is by the rule which it has given. Who can say that something is clean which produces an unclean thing, or what is straight and true produces what is crooked and erroneous? Sinful acts indicate a sinful man, and his acts have been sinful enough to speak of him (what is written about him) as “the man of sin.” SOURCE


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