NeoCalvinism Examined



  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · May 12, 2014

    Very sad here! It is this sort of very poor so-called historical theology, that attacks something simply ad hoc, and even somewhat ad hom! Neo-Calvinism has its own history itself, back to the likes of people like Abraham Kuyper, Herman Bavinick, etc. “Jesus is Lord over all of creation. Jesus’ Lordship extends through every area and aspect of life – it is not restricted to the sphere of church or of personal piety.” And then today, with people like John Frame and Vern Poythress! Btw, I challenge today’s so-called Calvinists to read and take on Poythress’s new book: Logic, A God-Centered Approach to the Foundation of Western Thought, (Crossway, 2013, 733 pages!) This book will I think become a new standard in the field of thinking and epistemology, and yes, that does include philosophy! No escape mates! 😉

    • irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · May 12, 2014

      And btw, while were at it, if today’s Modern Calvinism wants to throw-over Neo-Calvinism as some kind of bogy, then they will have to throw-over Dr. Luther and the best of Lutheranism also! Again, sorry but whatever this is, i.e. from Tim Conway, it is not part of the long history of Calvinism…Ugh! Come on guys, note the differences between both a Calvin and his chosen successor (when he was alive), Theodore Beza! But the differences do not negate the biblical essence of Calvin or “Calvinism”!

  2. jm · May 12, 2014

    Lutheran soteriology (aka Melanchthonism) is as confused as Anglicanism…I say throw them both over board. 🙂

    • irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · May 12, 2014

      Well true biblical and evangelical Anglicanism, at least historically in the Thirty-Nine Articles, is not really confusing! But one certainly must read and study them with an open Bible! They are simply Reformational and Reformed!

      As to Melanchthon, he and Calvin were actually friends to some degree, but like all Christian men and teachers, they have feet of clay! Though reading Melanchthon’s: Loci Praecipui Theologici, 1559, I found to be worthy myself. And btw, Calvin himself followed Melanchthon’s model from his Loci, to Calvin’s early to mid Institutes, factual! One must seek to glean the good and leave the poor and bad. I bet ya have not read Melanchthon at depth? Old Phil’s work on The Divine Law is rather good! Indeed he was surely something of Luther’s Right Hand Man!

      Good to know, that GOD In Christ will NOT throw us over-board! Lots of Mercy & Grace! 🙂

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