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The Antipas Chronicles

I came across this article in my travels across the web.  I do not have any evidence to back up what this author says, but if it is true, it is very illuminating.

Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace, 07 Mar 2006

The fairytale nonsense is that ‘HRH’ stands for His (or Her) Royal Highness, but what the hell is a ‘highness’ apart from a totally ridiculous word and concept?

Thus the meaning of ‘HRH’, Heiliges Römisches Hüter, is to identify a Holy Roman Empire Guardian, a guardian of the secret, who leads their herd of cattle to the slaughter for the Red Dragon’s pleasure and delight.



  1. Yes, the latter is quite mythical and conspiratorical! And Richard Bennett is a sadly confused ex-Catholic, who argues like a man that has never really understood even the general history and doctrine/theology of the RCC. Very sad! He reminds me of the old supposed priest from Chick tracts! And yes, I know he is Irish, and was, as he says a Catholic priest.

  2. jm · May 8, 2014


    Richard Bennett was not the source for the post on the Antipas Chronicles. I linked to the blog but not the post which might have caused some confusion. The information in the post can be substantiated with a simple google search.

    Thank you for your patience.

    • I am surely not really Roman Catholic friendly per se, especially on the doctrine of salvation, but I am NOT Anti-Catholic. These negative Catholic polemicists don’t qualify pastorally in my opinion! For there are simply some Roman Catholic Christians whether we like it or not! Some simply believe that Jesus Christ is God and Man, and thus too Lord & Savior, though their personal understanding of that is often quite flawed. And many Catholics simply don’t know what the Papacy is, of course again this is not good ignorance, but it does not disqualify a Catholic in the simplicity of knowing Christ by grace and God’s glory!

  3. Andrew Suttles · May 9, 2014

    I don’t know that the English Monarch would be known by a German acronym.

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