prewrathLong ago in a galaxy far, far away…I was hoodwinked and bamboozled into believing the PreTrib Rapture and Dispensationalism. I’ve blogged about this in the past. It was my own fault. I didn’t examine the tradition I was being spoon fed in light of scripture. For most of us in North American who attend conservative, Bible believing churches the PreTrib Rapture is the default tradition often assumed in the preaching and written into our church statement of beliefs. Early in my Christian life, once I started reading Revelation and Daniel for myself, I doubted the idea. Over the course of a few years I moved from PreTrib to a PreWrath Rapture view before abandoning PreMillennialism altogether. PreWrath places the timing of the Rapture or the removing of the church from earth before the out pouring of God’s wrath found in chapter 6 of Revelation. One of the most useful books in helping me rid myself of the Rapture tradition is titled, “The Rapture Question Answered” by Robert Van Kampen. For many reasons, mostly for the sake of tradition I guess, I still have a fondness for this eschatological view. Comparing Revelation 6 with Matthew 24 or the teaching concerning the end times in Pauline epistles with the teaching of Christ, the PreTrib Rapture view melts away… Van Kampen is especially good at picking apart the timing of the Rapture. For this reason I recommend the work. It’s short, easy to understand and as the subtitle reads, “Plain & Simple.”


3 thoughts on “The Rapture Question Answered

  1. I came late to this party, though I was early influenced by my PB, (“Brethren”) great gram, of course in Ireland.Though back in her time she mostly taught me the great reality of just reading the Holy Scripture! Though a Roman Catholic lad, I went to her “Brethren Meetings” sometimes, and I was greatly affected by their godly piety, and certainly their knowledge of the Scripture! So, I saw no “hoodwinking” myself.

    I was of course taught the whole Roman Catholic approach to the Sacred Scripture, which btw the Reformation and the Reformers never did get over, especially as it related to hermeneutics, biblical prophecy and National Israel! Sadly back in my day (1950’s Ireland), the Catholic Church was pretty anti-Semitic…and I am sure much of this came from being “supersessional” as to the interpretation of Scripture, and seeing the Church itself “replacing” Israel! This is quite worse than missing the timing of the Rapture! In reality, that should be left an open question to my mind, though I surely do tend toward the Post-trib, with the somewhat Historical Pre-Mill, and yet too, towards a moderate dispensational position, with something of the Progressive Dispensational. As we move closer to the End and the eschatological reality, and see most surely the great Gentile Apostasy in the West, with the historical churches, and Modern Israel so central in their Land, and all the renewed hatred of the Jewish people & Israel, by Muslims, Europeans, and certainly the Russians! (Even some Americans now also!) (WE can note too, that the doctrine of “supersessionalism” is front and centre with the EO, also!) WHO, can really believe spiritually and really “Biblically”, that humanity will survive the 21st century? Certainly not I! After seeing close-up the hatred of Islam for the Jews and Israel, there is simply no way that Modern Israel will not be the flash point of all that hate in that part of the world! Sooner or later, the full “campaign” of Armageddon will come, and this quite literally against National Israel! (Zech. 14: 1-4, etc., noting 13: 8-9 ; Rev. 1: 7, etc.)…. Indeed its all in God’s Word, the Bible!

    So indeed let us read and believe Matt. 24 / Mk. 13, surely noting closely Matt. 24: 3! WE, the Church itself, and the People of God are staring at the END of the Age, as all around us modernity & postmodernity are choking our spiritual senses, and the remnants of any real Judeo-Christian culture! (Daniel 12: 1-4, etc.)

    “He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming quickly.” Amen. Come Lord Jesus.” (Rev. 22: 20)

    1. Well certainly Reformational and some Reformed theology is as was Paul’s preaching Law & Gospel, as too we can see with our Reformers Luther and Calvin, (Gal. 4: 1-7). But we must always see that in this dispensation and economy, that National Israel has been judicially blinded…(noting Rom. 11: 28-29 ; see to 2 Cor. 3: 14-16). God will return and redeem HIS remnant, from Israel as HE has promised! (Zech. 13: 8-9) The Church only comes into the covenant blessings of Israel! (Rom. 15: 8-9 / Eph. 2: 12). And the “new man” (Eph. 2:15) is not the individual believer but the church, considered as the Body of Christ, (Eph. 1: 22-23 ; 3:21), Jew & Gentile…”to the Jew first, and also to the Greek (Gentile), (Rom. 1: 16).

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