Occasional Meditation

Thomas Manton:manton

There is that which we call Occasional Meditation, which is an Act by which the Soul Spiritualizeth every Object, about which it is Conversant. A Gracious Heart is like an Alymbeck, it can distil Useful Meditations out of all things it meeteth with. Look as it seeth all things in God, so it seeth God in all things. Our Lord at the Well discourseth of the water of life, Iohn 21.10. At the Supper of the Pharisee one discourseth of eating bread in the kingdom of God, Luke 14.15. There is a Chemistry and Holy Art that a Christian hath, to turn Water into Wine, Brass into Gold, to make Earthly Occasions and Objects to minister Spiritual and Heavenly Thoughts. God trained up the Old Church by Types and Ceremonies, that upon a Common Object they might Ascend to Spiritual Thoughts; and Our Lord in the New Testament taught by Parables and Similitude taken from Ordinary Functions and Offices among Men, that in every Trade and Calling we might be employed in our Worldly Business with an Heavenly Mind, that whether in the Shop, or at the Loom, or in the Field, we might still think of Christ and Heaven. There is a Parable of Merchant-Men, a Parable of the Sower, a Parable of a Man calling his Servants to an Account; in all these similitudes Christ would teach us, that we should still think of God and Heaven. So small a matter as a grain of Mustard-seed may yield many Spiritual Applications. Sermons on Genesis

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