(Do you agree? Should we avoid Arminian preachers?)

They are Arminians to a man; they deny the absolute sovereignty of God, his eternal choice of an elect people, and that Christ bore their sins only. They deny the total depravity of man, for they insist that he possesses a free will and can accept Christ and be saved by a decision of his own; thus directly repudiating God’s word, as found in John 1:13; 6;44; 8:36; Rom 9:16, and other passages. And where any teacher or preacher is unsound on these basic truths,no confidence must be placed on him on any other subject. If he is all wrong at the foundations, his superstructure is bound to be faulty.

[A . W. Pink – Letter to Lowell Green August 19, 1934]


6 thoughts on “Avoiding Arminian Preachers

  1. Well, in contrast, we would have to.. like Paul said, “Yet not altogether, etc. … “for then must ye needs go out of the world.” (1 Cor. 5: 10) But, we must educate ourselves biblically and theologically, and expose them, as their poor and bad doctrine! And perhaps win some of them to better biblical doctrine and theology! 🙂 (Though surely this will be slim pickings in our day!)

  2. Pink should not be our role model when it comes to relationships. In fact, he should be the last person we should emulate when it comes to who we should get along with, and who we should separate from. He painted himself into a corner where he forsook the assembling together with the brethren. His biographer, Ian H. Murray, had to include a chapter on “Interpreting Pink’s Isolation” in his Life of Arthur W. Pink, rev. ed. (Carlisle, PA: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1981, 2004). His editor, I. C. Herendeen said, “It is the mercy of God that A. W. Pink never had any children.” He stands as a bad example, a very bad example, of precisely what not to do when it comes to the levels of and maintenance of fellowship with brethren. See especially Dan Phillips, “A. W. Pink: glorifying God by disobeying Him?” (17 JAN 2013), on Pyromaniacs at http://teampyro.blogspot.com/2013/01/a-w-pink-glorifying-god-by-disobeying.html [accessed 19 APR 2014].

    1. I agree, kinda.

      I do avoid Arminian works and preachers if I can but as Ness pointed out we are overrun with Arminians. If they presuppose Calvinism, practically, I can fellowship with them. If not, I do not.

    2. Amen there John! Old Pink was another odd fellow, he was “English” too like John Wesley! I am of course somewhat kidding, for Brit’s come in all sizes and shapes! I am myself an admitted “eclectic” to some degree also. But being in America for several years now has taken off at least a bit of my rough-edges! 😉

  3. As Spurgeon always said, inconsistent Arminians are better than consistent ones. There are many many inconsistent Arminians out there whose understanding of the Gospel (strictly speaking) imputation and propitiation is solid, but then when it comes to the 5 points, are entirely inconsistent. A consistent Arminian is an open theist who denies penal substitution and imputation. But I can work with an inconsistent Arminian. I think john Wesley is a good example of an inconsistent Arminian.

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