Twins Special

About 6 months ago my son asked for a new pair of boxing gloves so I started looking around to see which brands offered the most bang for my buck. I was looking for a 14oz. glove (I like 14oz, to each their own, I won’t argue) that would protect the hand while being used as an all purpose glove. This means they have to stand up to bag work and some light sparring. I really like the look of the old school brown from Lonsdale but price is a factor. My brother has a club account with an MMA supplier so I asked him to see what he could find and he recommended the Twins Special leather boxing gloves for $50 bucks. At the time online retailers had them at around $85 bucks so I bought a pair for each of us. glove

Tonight I had the chance to try them out. Right off the bat I noticed a lot of extra padding on the back of wrist. This padding forces the knuckles forward offering a little extra protection from kicks. I’m not on the outside too often preferring to be inside mixing it up but this is a plus for someone into kickboxing or Muay Thai. I wrapped my hands amateur style, not between the fingers and did 15 x 2 minute rounds with 1 minute rests. My son and I were a little worried the gloves would be too stiff on the wrists for boxing but by round 3 or 4 the padding on the back of the wrist began to break in and feel much more comfortable. The padding across knuckles was sufficient, the leather held up nicely and the logo didn’t show signs of wear. I’ve been involved in martial arts for 22 years, used different style gloves, different brands etc. The Twins Special are a good, affordable glove worth $85 bucks and now I see them online for $50. Other gloves in that price range, that I’ve used, will not hold up as well as the Twins. I recommend them for beginners or someone who wants a decent pair of gloves for all purpose training.

That’s all folks.


PS: My personal preference and the glove I recommend for boxing as a self defence art…Mexican style bag gloves, especially those made by Rival. I’m not interested in pure boxing, but like boxing for self defense, fun and fitness. With a background in Shotokan karate I like the open thumb which allows me to make a more natural feeling fist. It also allows me to grab, paw and clinch easier than a traditional boxing glove.



  1. Andrew Suttles · April 5, 2014

    That’s great that you and your son have this hobby together. Do you practice at a gym or at home?

    • jm · April 5, 2014

      We practice at home most often. A friend of mine has a mini boxing gym in his back yard so we visit him when it’s nice out. We do focus mitts and spar at home and bag work, slip bag, etc. at the gym.

  2. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · April 5, 2014

    I used to be an Irish youth type Golden Glover myself, (14-15). And my father and one uncle who boxed helped me. But I later went to Martial Acts. I still run dally! Its good for both the mind and body!

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