An Overview of Historicism Classical Post Millennialism

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Historicism teaches that much of prophetic revelation is being fulfilled throughout church history from the first advent to some undetermined time in the future. This is in contrast to partial preterism that sees much of prophetic revelation fulfilled in the first century and in contrast to futurism that sees much of prophetic revelation being fulfilled in some distant future. This is simply going to be an overview of Historicism and not a complete exhaustive work on Historicism. It is extremely hard to just give a brief overview of the system. It took Horae Apocalypticae by Edward Elliott 4000 pages to give a complete exhaustive detail of the Historicism system and it is very hard to condense 4000 pages into a brief overview.


Historicist believe that we are currently in the Great Tribulation period. A time of darkness, of cruel tyranny and persecuting of the saints of God. A period where the antichristian forces of Papacy, Islam and Secularism rail against the church and kill the saints of God. And we will continue to see this time of injustice, cruelty, tyranny and blood until the time when the church is delivered and Christ has brought all His enemies under Him and when all nations will submit themselves to Christ as King.

Historicists believe that mankind has been in the Tribulation since the destruction of the Temple and we point to the following passages which shows the “tribulation” that the saints continue to endure.



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