I do not believe it is. I do believe in the free proclamation of the Gospel to all.

“Moreover, it is the promise of the gospel that whoever believes in Christ crucified shall not perish but have eternal life. This promise, together with the command to repent and believe, ought to be announced and declared without differentiation or discrimination to all nations and people, to whom God in his good pleasure sends the gospel” (II.5) Canons of Dort

A video from the Primitive Baptist perspective:


One thought on “Is the Gospel a “Well-Meant Offer of Salvation to all of Humanity?”

  1. Indeed Calvinists, and surely this neo-Calvinist (myself) should be able to agree with this statement from Dort, but the question and reality of Apostasy is also quite real! As Luther himself noted, but he too stated that the elect would finally or fully see the Salvation of God! The life and line of the Elect, and the election of grace, is not an even one.. but moves itself up and down, but thankfully the true Elect and regenerate souls finish the race, in God ‘s faith, grace and glory!

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