the deceitfulness of sin

Sin brooksis the greatest deceiver in the world ; it will kiss the soul, and pretend fair to us to our face, but will betray the soul forever: it will, with Delilah, smile upon us, that it may betray us into the hands of the devil, as she did Sampson into the hands of the Philistines. Sin gave Satan his power over us; and he lays claim to us as those who wear his badge and mark. Sin is a very bewitching thing upon the human heart, that the soul calls good, evil ; and evil, good; bitter, sweet; and sweet, bitter ; light, darkness; and darkness, light; and the soul bewitched with sin, will stand out against God, even unto death. Let the Almighty strike and wound, even unto the bone, the soul cares not, nor fears not: see Pharoah, Balaam, and Judas. There is an herb in Sardis, that would make a man lye laughing on his bed when he was deadly sick; such is the operation of sin. Prov. v. 22, 23. – Thomas Brooks


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