New Uke

A co-worker gave me a ukulele. It has some strange art work on the front but it sounds pretty good…videos to come.




  1. Ron Wood · January 9, 2014

    Nice! The artwork looks to me like the signs of the Zodiac. It seems as those are the ones that astrologers use.

    • jm · January 9, 2014

      Does that mean it’s cursed? Kidding. If my playing sounds bad I can blame on the voodoo on the front of it.

  2. Andrew Suttles · January 11, 2014

    Nice (except for the demon artwork). You could always repaint it. I wouldn’t recommend playing this one in church 🙂

    Are those steel strings? It looks like a quality instrument.

    I have a uke that is just above toy level.

    • jm · January 11, 2014

      The artwork is less than desired but it was a “Christ Mass” gift so the demonic artwork suits the seasons. haha

      I’m pricing resonator uke’s online right now…still waiting for my banjo. Canada Post is extremely slow!

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