The Man of Sin

“…because he is called the man of sin, here it cometh fitly to be inquired whether Antichrist bmantone an individual person? for ‘that man of sin’ would seem to be some single person.

No ; he is put for a society and succession of men, that make up the head of the apostate state. As one lion figured the whole kingdom of the Babylonians, and one bear the kingdom of the Medes and Persians, and one leopard the kingdom of the Grecians, Dan. vii., – and there the fourth beast is the fourth kingdom, – so one person that succession of men that head the revolters from Christ. So Dan. viii., a goat figured a succession of kings; so the Assyrian, Isa. x. 5, several kings in that empire; so Isa. xiv. 9, the king of Babylon, meaning not one but many. So this man of sin doth not note a single man, but a succession of men, a body politic or corporate, under one opposite head to the kingdom of Christ: so the ‘man of God’ is put for all faithful ministers, 2 Tim. iii. 17; so ‘honour the king,’ I Peter ii. 17, series regum. So o arciereus, Heb. ix. 25, ‘The high priest every year entereth into the holy place;’ meaning not one, but the succession of the order; and in reason it must needs be so here. Because Antichrist, from his beginning to his end, from his rise and revelation, till his ruin and destruction, will take up such a long track of time, as cannot fall within the age of any one man, even from the time of the apostles till the end of the world. Antichrist is the head of the apostasy; for here the apostasy and the revelation of the man of sin are conjunct; now the mysterious apostasy could not be perfected in a short time.”

Thomas Manton

3 thoughts on “The Man of Sin

  1. I sent you W.E. Vine’s most excellent work and statement on the Antichrist in the past! Surely it is both an apostate doctrine and men, and the last will be the final promise of The Antichrist! (Rev. 13: 16-18 / 2 Thess. 2: 3-8)

    • Of course when I say promise, it is a cold hard logic and purpose of God, in the end and judgment of both fallen man and evil! Fallen man, in the most fallen being, who brought down the First Adam (Man), but defeated by the Last Adam, Jesus Christ Himself, God Incarnate!

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