Heavenly Canaan

If Darby was a little more focused in his writings I would attempt to read them! A little gem from his works:jnd

“I sometimes wonder that it does not strike people what an odd thing it is that although Jordan means death and Canaan heaven (which they do) fighting should characterise the place in Joshua, for the first thing he meets there is a man with a sword drawn …. Yes, heaven will be ours! I am not quarrelling with the use of the image in that way. Jordan is a type of death and Canaan of heavenly places.” John Nelson Darby

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  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · December 30, 2013

    I have my great-grams Collected Writings of JND, I have read them on and off for many years. If one thing can be said about Mr. Darby, he was a devout and certainly Christocentric Christian! I like many of his personal Hymns also, oh yes he wrote his share of Hymns! But yes, he is hard to read in theology and thinking, his legally trained mind in Law, from Trinity College in Dublin.

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