1260 Days

Here’s something interesting…the Emperor Phocas made a decree claiming the Pope of Rome was the universal Bishop of the church in 606.

John Gill notes; “if to this we add 1,260 the expiration of his reigns will fall in the year 1866, so that he may have upwards of a hundred and twenty years yet to continue; but of this we cannot be certain; however, the conjecture is not improbable.”

Gill might have it correct. Napoleon gave the death blow to political Rome but Rome took some time to fade away. The Pope lost secular authority in 1866.

Wikipedia: “After defeating the papal army on 18 September 1860 at the Battle of Castelfidardo, and on 30 September at Ancona, Victor Emmanuel took all the Papal territories except Latium with Rome. In 1866 he granted Pius IX the Law of Guarantees (13 May 1871) which gave the Pope the use of the Vatican but denied him sovereignty over this territory, nevertheless granting him the right to send and receive ambassadors and a budget of 3.25 million liras annually. Pius IX officially rejected this offer (encyclical Ubi nos, 15 May 1871), retaining his claim to all the conquered territory.” Interesting. Gill seems to have used the book of Revelation to actually predict the last battle Papal Rome would have resulting in it’s loss of political power.


7 thoughts on “1260 Days

    • Albert Barnes’ notes are solid when it comes to eschatology, the People’s New Testament Commentary is another…Gill of course. Most Protestant commentaries before the advent of Dispensationalism will offer the Historical approach. I would start in Dan. 9, Matt. 24 and read the notes from Barnes on Revelation. Be sure to read the intro to Revelation by Barnes. Not all of the online versions of Barnes Notes contain the intro but I have it on my blog somewhere.

  1. I forgot to add that Robert Fleming also predicted this in The RIse and Fall of the Papacy (originally published in 1701), as well as the French Revolution and the fall of the Ottoman Empire — although he was off by about 20 years with the latter prediction. He made predictions about the anticipated dates of all of the 7 vials in Revelation 16 and would put the time of the outpouring of the seventh vial in our day.

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