The End of Protestantism

R. C. Sproul tweeted, in response to Leithart, “Still Protestant, still protesting.”

The End of Protestantism | First Things

Protestantism has had a good run. It remade Europe and made America. It inspired global missions, soup kitchens, church plants, and colleges in the four corners of the earth. But the world and the Church have changed, and Protestantism isn’t what the Church, including Protestants themselves, needs today. It’s time to turn the protest against Protestantism and to envision a new way of being heirs of the Reformation, a new way that happens to conform to the original Catholic vision of the Reformers.


One comment

  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · November 10, 2013

    Thank God the real essence of the Reformation still lives! ‘Ecclesia semper reformada’ – Always Reforming… by “Spirit and Truth”!

    I appreciate the ministry of Peter Leithart to degree, but I pray he maintains the “Federal Vision”!

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