God the Father Planned Our Salvation

From the preaching of Don Fortner:

In his own eternal purpose and grace, before the world began, God chose to save some people for the glory of his own great name. He determined that he would send his Son to live and die as their Substitute, and that he would accept the merits of Christ his Son for us. God determined whom he would save, how he would save them, and when he would save them, before the world began. Our names were recorded in eternity in the Lamb’s book of life. All the elect of God were, at one time, chosen and predestinated unto eternal life.

GOD THE SON PURCHASED OUR SALVATION. In order to save his elect from sin, God’s law, his truth, his justice, and his righteousness demanded blood. Justice must be satisfied. The sinner must die. Therefore the Lord Jesus Christ came as the Substitute and Representative of God’s elect. By his one great sacrifice in our place, he satisfied the strict demands of God’s holy law for his own elect. By the Just and legal price of his own blood, Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law, and lawfully purchased salvation for his people. Then, at the appointed time, according to God’s own purpose, and because Christ redeemed us, GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT PERFORMED SALVATION IN US.

With Jonah, I rejoice to know and to declare unto you, that “Salvation is of the Lord!”



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